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About Board

U.P. Government established Uttar Pradesh Livestock Development Board via G.O. no. 3991/12-Pa-2-98-1(20/98, Dt. 31st October, 1998 and was registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860, Rule 21 of 1860 with the registration no. 2342/ 1998-99, Dt. 07.01.1999, which has now been renewed up to 07th January, 2024. Govt. of India had issued terms & conditions governing sanction No. 3-15/97-AHT, Dt. 03rd March, 1998 for implementation of Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Extension of Frozen Semen Technology(EFST) and National Bull Production Programme (NBPP) for Cattle and Buffalo Breeding during 1997-98, in this sanction there was a provision for creation of a State Level Autonomous Body, which was to be the incharge of Semen and liquid nitrogen production/procurement and sale to all agencies incharge of artificial insemination. This Body was to be formed under Societies' Registration Act or Company registered under Companies Act. The Board is an autonomous body, being governed by the Board of Directors with Additional Chief Secretary / Principal Secretary, Animal Husbandry as the Chairman. It is headed by the Chief Executive Officer, and has a core group of professionals and limited supporting staff deployed from Animal Husbandry Department for State Implementing Agency (SIA). The basic aim of the Board is to restructure and reorient the cattle and buffalo breeding operations in the State.

The UPLDB is working in collaboration with State Animal Husbandry Department and also in co-ordination with other agencies performing cattle and buffalo breeding activities in the State, like: Pradeshik Cooperative Dairy Federation (PCDF), Bhartiya Agro Industrial Foundation Limited (BAIF), State Agricultural Universities (SAU's), State Veterinary University, Indian Veterinary Research Institute(IVRI), and ICAR institutes, etc. along with other related State departments, like Department of Rural Development. This agency (SIA) is a viable entity, generating funds for meeting its establishment and other costs to keep it operational. It was the mandate of the Govt. of India that Transfer of Assets available in the form of Sperm Stations, Training Centers, State Livestock Farms, etc. from A. H. department and like-wise agencies shall be transferred completely to the Board/SIA. The SIA Head Quarters is managed by a core group of professionals and limited supporting staff to maintain the establishment cost of SIA to the barest minimum. A similar approach has been adopted by the SIA while engaging personnel in the field units. Initially the personnel are drawn from the State Department of Animal Husbandry. If suitable man power is not available, recruitment from extra departmental sources has been considered to keep the SIA functioning.

This has ensured that there is proportionate reduction of manpower in the department while engaging of adequate qualified personnel in the SIA. The basic aim of the Board is to restructure and reorient the cattle and buffalo breeding operations in the State.


  • To cover all breedable bovines under organized breeding network.
  • To maintain quality breeding inputs and services
  • To conserve and develop indigenous breeds.
  • To ensure implementation of the State Breeding Policy in cattle and buffalo.
  • To develop synergies with and ensure participation of all the concerned agencies.